Inspired Minority produced 345 shots on “Roots – Night One” for A+E Studios’ History Channel. Our work made the shortlist for the 68th Primetime Emmy Nominations.

2017/01/11 – Our work on “Roots – Night One” has been nominated for a Visual Effects Society award in the “Outstanding Supporting Visual Effects in a Photoreal Episode” category.


IInspired Minority produced 200 shots for the BBC/HBO/Warner Bros. film The Girl: The turbulent relationship between filmmaker Sir Alfred Hitchcock (Toby Jones) and actress Tippi Hedren (Sienna Miller).

Our work was recognised by the Royal TV Society with a win for best Digital FX 2012.



Hansen has been working in the Film and entertainment industry since 1992.  One of his early achievements was to produce "Alive in Joburg", the film on which District 9 is based.

Hansen discovered and mentored long-time collaborators and friends Sharlto Copley and Neill Blomkamp and has continued to mentor many animators and film makers in the South African and Pan African Film Industry.  He partnered with Copley in his first VFX business   for well over a decade, Atomic VFX.  They wrote, filmed and produced content for ETV with a show called "Deadtime" which ran seven days a week on the nation-wide broadcaster.

In 2005 Simon and Sharlto produced a short film directed by Neill Blomkamp entitled Alive in Joburg,  which would go on to become the legendary "District 9",  a watershed film for  the South African industry, which put it 'on the map' in terms of international producers seeking original,  ground breaking stories from our shores.  Along with producing the short film which went on to be the Peter Jackson produced "District 9", Hansen also directed one of the units in District 9 itself.

One of the most visionary, talented and proficient film makers around, as a writer,  producer and director, he has helped to build a film industry in South Africa that can compete in the international arena. Known for his highly collaborative nature, resourcefulness and boundary challenging methodologies he takes innovative creative approaches to create world class production value in budget-volatile environments.  Whether it's directing, VFX Supervision, or post VFX production, this award winning artist, has gained a stellar reputation, and plaudits from collaborators such as top Hollywood directors Philip Noyce, Gavin Hood and Josh Trank.

His holistic approach to all aspects of the industry have earned Hansen the reputation of being a collaborative visionary with ground breaking technical nous, pioneering new innovations and creative techniques, in an ever changing landscape. This pioneering spirit spills over into his search for unique narratives, creating a singular voice that combines the artistic harmony of both style and substance.

His credits include “The Professionals – Danger Pays” 2020   Bharat Nalluri – Series, “USS Grant” 2019 – Limited Series, “Warrior” Season 2 – 2019 - Bruce Lee, Jonathan Tropper, "SAS Red Notice" 2018- Magnus Martens, Feature Film | Roles: 2nd unit Director, VFX Supervisor, VFX Producer. "Capone" 2018- Josh Trank, Feature Film | Role: VFX Supervisor, “The Resident” 2017- Phillip Noyce, TV Pilot | Role: VFX Producer, “The Red Sea Diving Resort” 2018- Gideon Raff, Feature Film | Role: Executive VFX Producer, “Tremors A Cold Day in Hell” 2018- Don Michael Paul, Feature Film | Role: Executive VFX Producer, “Bring It On: Worldwide Cheer smack” 2017- Robert Adetuyi,TV Film | Role: Executive VFX Producer, “Above Suspicion” 2017- Phillip Noyce, Feature Film | Role: Executive VFX Producer, “Roots – Night One” 2016 – Phillip Noyce, TV Show | Role: VFX Supervisor and VFX Producer, “Accident” 2017 – Dan Tondowski, Feature Film | Role: VFX Supervisor & VFX Producer, “Eye In The Sky” 2015 – Gavin Hood
Feature Film | Role: VFX Supervisor & VFX Producer, Fantastic Four” 2015 – Josh Trank ,Feature Film | Role: VFX Consultant, “Sophia Grace & Rosie's Royal Adventure” 2014 - Brian Levant, Video | Role: VFX Supervisor & VFX Producer, “Heatstroke” 2013 - Evelyn Purcell, Feature Film | Role: VFX Supervisor & VFX Producer, “The Girl” 2012 - Julian Jarrold, TV Movie | Role: VFX Supervisor & VFX Producer, “Chronicle” 2012 – Josh Trank
Feature Film | Role: VFX Supervisor.

Fantastic Four 2015 – Josh Trank , Feature Film | Role: VFX Consultant
District 9 2009 – Neill Blomkamp, Feature Film.  Role: Second Unit Director
SAS Red Notice 2018- Magnus Martens, Feature Film | Roles: 2nd unit Director, VFX Supervisor, VFX Producer
Spoon 2011- Simon Hansen / Sharlto Copely, Feature Film . Roles: Writer, Director, Producer
Pumzi 2009- Wanuri Kahiu, Feature Film. Roles: Visual Effects Producer
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